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Online tutoring for ages 8 - Adult

I love online tutoring - it is perfect for today's tech savvy teenagers and adults!


Online tutoring takes place on a virtual whiteboard through a free website while talking on the phone at the same time.  Both Judy and the student can write on the board and  see it while they work on math problems together, just as if Judy is sitting next to the student.  If the student has graphs or geometric figures or complicated problems to work on, they can be shared by email or texting a picture.


Teenagers today are fascinated with technology, so online tutoring is very appealing to them.  Busy parents and students with hectic schedules love the convenience of online tutoring in their home or anywhere they have online access.




   Algebra I & II

   College Algebra



   Test Preparation





          Placement Exams

"Judy is absolutely amazing and her knowledge of all things math is limitless!"

      -Charlisa, Herzing Online student

"She was always encouraging; Judy was a huge part of my success. .... I highly recommend her to anyone who thinks they can't do math."

     -Beulah, Herzing Online student

"My son likes the way she tutors him in algebra.  He is very good with computers, so having an online tutor best suits him."

      -Josephine, Parent in NJ

"With my hectic schedule, it is so convenient to have access to tutoring anywhere I can use my Ipad or laptop."
     -Kay, Online student in NY

© Copyright by Judy Bowen
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